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How to Ship a Dog Cake with Dog Safe Frosting

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3 helpful steps to ship a dog cake

It's exciting to ship a dog cake especially for a dog's birthday. I have 3 helpful steps for you to take before you package and ship a dog cake to your customers and friends from your online dog treat website. Shipping a dog cake can be very tricky, most dog bakers become concerned that the cake will arrive moldy or perished, and that does happen a lot... but there are ways to prevent that from happening!

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Step #1 - Baking

Be sure to plan out your cake design prior to shipping your cake in the mail. Just like human cakes, dog cakes will spoil between 3 - 5 days so you want to be sure you have all your ingredients prior to baking your cake or cupcakes. 

If you are frosting your dog cake, be sure you have those ingredients ready too. You will need to frost and decorate your dog cake(s) or cupcakes as soon as they cool from the oven to ensure they will be ready to package and ship the next day. For best results, use a dog frosting recipe that dries hard without refrigeration.

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Step #2 - Decorating

If you want to ship your dog cake with frosting that will not spoil or stick to your packaging, be sure to use a dog frosting recipe that dries hard. If you choose one from Pastries 4 Pets you will want to immediately frost and decorate your cake after it cools. You will need to allow the entire cake AIR DRY overnight. 

Do not refrigerate the cake because the frosting will never dry. Do not freeze the cake because it will defrost while it is shipping to your customer or friend, causing the frosting to become wet and messy. 

Remember, if you bake your cake fresh the day before shipping it will arrive fresh (within 3 days) and your customer can then refrigerate it or freeze it once they receive it. Just let them know to unwrap the cake entirely prior to refrigerating it so the dog cake frosting will not stick to any wrappings.

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Step #3 - Packaging

Wrap your cake in parchment paper (not plastic wrap) prior to shipping. Then cushion your box with tissue paper or crumpled paper (plastic bubble wrap is fine here, just be sure it's not touching the actual frosting on the cake), place the wrapped cake on top of the cushion and add more cushion to the sides and top. If you cushion the cake entirely so it does not move in the shipping box it should arrive safely.

Do not wrap your cake in plastic because the moisture from the actual cake will cause the frosting to become wet again, causing a sticky mess. It is also extremely important that your cake frosting is completely dry prior to shipping.

Be sure to test shipping cakes to yourself prior to shipping them to customers. And keep your cake designs simple to prevent the cakes from breaking, stay away from tier cakes or from adding delicate decorations. Crumb coating your cake bottom will help too.

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