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How to Start a Dog Treat Business from your Home

Starting a dog treat business selling homemade dog treats is easy if you follow the correct regulations in your State. Pastries 4 Pets offers online courses to guide you through the steps from A to Z. Once you are started you can sell dog treats at Farmers Markets, events, craft shows, online, even wholesale to other retail stores. Pastries 4 Pets also offers in person training classes in their academy. Click the links below for more information on each class, we look forward to hearing about your successes!

How to Start a Dog Treat Business (Online Courses):

How to Start a Dog Treat Business from Home 

This online dog treat course is for beginners and entrepreneurs who want to open their own dog treat business. This is an online class that is available 24/7 for a lifetime.

Where & How to Sell Dog Treats

This an advanced online course for dog treat business owners who are ready to grow their business by selling more dog treats. This is an online class that is available 24/7 for a lifetime. 

How to Sell Dog Treats Online

This an online course that explains how to attract more customers to your dog treat website and other online stores without purchasing advertisements. This is an online class that is available 24/7 for a lifetime. 


How to Start a Dog Treat Business from Home

Dog Treat Training Academy Classes (In Person Classes):

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The Secrets to a Successful Wholesale Dog Treat Business 

Whether you are looking to make money selling dog treats when you are not busy with markets and events or you want to make more money in general, this in person class will set you up for success! The class is located in Connecticut, this class sells out quickly and is available for pre registration.

How to Design the Perfect Packaging and Branding for your Dog Treat Business 

From designing the perfect branding to learning how to set up and sell at a Farmers Market, we have all the answers! This class is located in Connecticut, be sure to sign up early!

Design the Perfect Website for your Dog Treat Business 

This in person class is designed to get your website up and running to attract more customers to your online store. It is offered once a year and seats are limited, be sure to grab your seat early! The class is located in Connecticut. 

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Frequently asked Questions when Starting a Dog Treat Business:

1. Do I need previous baking experience to start a dog treat bakery?

While baking experience is helpful, you can easily teach yourself how to bake dog treats. The key is to use a dough hook and a stand mixer. Most new bakers don't realize how important it is to use the correct baking equipment when mixing their dog treat dough recipes. Another helpful tip is to use a rolling pin that includes rings that slide on each end so you can roll your dough the same thickness every time.

For a complete helpful guide on learning to bake dog treats and how to start a dog treat business from home I would recommend the Pastries 4 Pets How to Start a Dog Treat Business online course, the course does include video instructions on how to bake dog treats and... how to decorate them! You even receive a free starter kit that includes a free grain free dog treat recipe, dog treat mix, dog treat icing mix and cookie cutters. When we say it teaches everything you need to know to start a dog treat business from your kitchen, we mean it!  

2. Do I need previous business experience to start a dog treat bakery?

No, there are wonderful programs offered in your State that offers you business guidance for free. If you cannot find a local class run by your State you can look for a business coach or even enroll in the advanced online dog treat business course offered by Pastries 4 Pets, it is great that the staff of Pastries 4 Pets has years of business experience selling dog treats at Farmers Markets, in their own brick and mortar store, on their dog treat website, and they even sold their dog treats wholesale! 

The best part? Pastries 4 Pets Dog Treat Training Academy even offers classes that you can take... in person! 

3. What kind of financial goals can I set for my dog treat bakery?

The skies the limit! The more you put into your dog treat business, the more you will get out of it. The best place to start is to create a list of all of your current bills, then you can start with your financial goals. If you are looking for a part time business to save for a special purchase such as a new car or vacation, you can do that too! It's best to start your dog treat business as a part time job and work your way up to a full time career. This way you can cover all of your monthly expenses, you can seriously earn thousands of dollars a month selling dog treats!

4. What ingredients and baking tools do I need for my dog treats?

When you first start your dog treat business, look around your home! You will most likely have all the baking tools you will need already. Dust of that stand mixer that is sitting on your kitchen counter, collect mixing bowls, a rolling pin, a cookie sheet pan, measuring cups, measuring spoons, oven mitts and those old cookie cutters. That is pretty much all you need to get started.

As for ingredients? You will need to think about what type of dog treat recipes you want to create... grain free, wheat free or regular flour treats. After you decide you will need to purchase your flours, you can research them at your local stores or online.