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making homemade dog treats

Dog Treat Bakery Business Owners Unlock Year-Round Profits for Your Dog Treat Business: The Wholesale Solution

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As a proud owner of a dog treat bakery  business, I understand the challenges you face. While your passion for creating delicious treats for furry friends is undeniable, the struggle to generate profits all year long can be daunting. But fear not, my friend! I have the perfect solution for you. You can sell your dog bakery dog treats to other retail store owners and make profits all year long, not just on holidays and during Farmer Market season.

Selling Your Dog Bakery Dog Treat Business products Wholesale to Retail Stores

Have you ever considered selling your dog bakery dog treats in retail stores? They are open year-round, and pet owners are always on the lookout for high-quality treats for their furry companions. Selling your dog treats wholesale to retail stores can be the game-changer you've been searching for, and I'm here to be your mentor on this exciting journey.

dogs eating treats

Overcoming the Sales Challenge

I understand that many new dog bakery dog treat business owners worry about their lack of sales experience and how to convince retail stores to carry their products. But don't fret! I've been in your shoes before and have learned invaluable strategies from my own personal mentors. Together, we will work on building your confidence and perfecting your pitch to retail store owners. And... do not worry about approaching other retail dog bakeries, most of them are searching for you because they already purchase their own dog bakery treats wholesale! It is a win, win situation, they need you and you need them. 

When our President, Donna Shovlin, ran her own retail dog bakery she sold her decorated treats wholesale to a dog pet shop only a 1/4 mile down the road from her! (She literally could walk to them). 

And guess what?

It increased her foot traffic in her own store because she was solely a dog bakery and not selling dog food, people became more aware of her specialty, healthy dog treats simply from buying their dog food in the other store and seeing her beautiful decorated dog treats there! They came to her to buy specialty cakes and treats after seeing and buying her treats down the street. It was a win, win!

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Reaching a Wider Customer Base

By selling your dog treats wholesale to retail stores, you'll have the opportunity to reach a much wider customer base than ever before. Your delicious treats will be available to pet owners all year round, ensuring a steady stream of sales and profits. Just imagine the satisfaction of proving to your family that you can be profitable doing what you love while achieving the financial stability you desire.

And... as a bonus, provide those retail store owners with signs that promote your own dog bakery dog treat business so their customers will know how to contact you if they want to order customized dog treats or dog cakes from you. Just keep the signs simple and professional so the store owner will "want" to use them, remember, they do not have too. They only have to display the ingredients and analysis publicly. Although, if you physically package the dog treats, your dog bakery logo and contact information definitely will be there for everyone to see! And... to... bring home with them.

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Tapping into a Massive Dog Treat Market

Did you know that over 63 million households in the United States own a dog? That's an enormous market of potential customers who adore spoiling their furry friends with tasty treats! By becoming a go-to supplier for these dog owners, you'll open up endless possibilities for your business.

Even better? Most homemade dog treats are made with only all natural and healthy ingredients! This will not only please dog owners but dog bakery owners too. After all, dog bakery owners want the best ingredients for their customers, not sugar filled icings or cream cheese.. they want all natural icing and frosting ingredients that you decorate with. This is a huge selling feature!

making homemade dog treats

Are you ready to make profits selling your homemade dog treats all year?

Of course you are! After all, you didn't invest all of your time and efforts creating your dog treat recipes and dog treat business to worry about where or how to make money selling them, right?

Your worries will be a thing in the past if join Pastries 4 Pets as their pet industry professionals and special guests come together in March 2025 to teach an amazing 2 day training on:

"The Secrets to a Successful Wholesale Dog Treats Business"

Imagine, a room filled with like minded Entrepreneurs who are ready to turn more profits than they ever imagine! This special 2 day training is only for dog bakery owners who are serious about their businesses though, the team at Pastries 4 Pets has been in the pet industry for over 12 years and are ready to share their proven strategies with you, join them TODAY before the seats sell out... there are only 12 seats available!

Icing for Dog Treats

"When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember Why You Started"

Most bakers start baking dog treats because their own dog or dogs have allergies to a certain food ingredient or have medical health issues. Sometimes they just want to know where their dog treat ingredients come from and who made them.


After they bake treats and realize their dog loves them, they decide to start baking them for other dogs. After a while, bakers decide to bake treats that have a long shelf life and do not need refrigeration.


Figuring out how to do this can be a long and tiring process and that is why the famous quote… “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started” is important. Always remember your dog or dogs are why you started, that will keep you on track! 

Then you can spoil other dogs with your delicious, healthy biscuits. Maybe start your own dog bakery business!

If you are struggling to find places to sell more dog treats, be sure to join the pet industry professionals of Pastries 4 Pets on

March 29 & 30 (2024) 

for their in person Dog Treat Training Academy training:

"The Secrets to a Successful Dog Treats Business"

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