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Easy DIY Kids Craft Projects that are Fun for the Entire Family

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Kids love baking and dogs love to eat. What are the best DIY Kids Craft Projects that include their dogs? The answer is easy and fun! They can bake healthy homemade dog treats. 

There are numerous easy dog treat recipes online, just pick one that is child friendly without nuts. If you have a child artist in the family,  they can decorate the dog treats afterwards too!

Kiss boredom goodbye! Your children will be busy for hours baking their dog and friends dogs adorable treats that they can decorate themselves.

Educational & Fun DIY Kids Craft Projects

If you want to purchase a dog treat baking and decorating kit, you can! You can even educate your children about using healthy, human ingredients specifically for dogs that are included in the Bakery Workshop Kits. As a licensed dog treat ingredients manufacturer, Pastries 4 Pets takes pride in offering high quality, healthy ingredients for dogs Worldwide. 

You and your family can rest assure each kit is filled with dog safe treat icing and dog treat mix. (All the ingredients are human grade, so do not worry if your child licks the spoon). We even include online instructional videos that take you through how to decorate dog treats like a professional. 

The all natural food coloring and cookie cutters are also included! 

Even more fun? After the treats are baked the kids get to decorate them! Included in each kit is a package of special Dog Treat Icing Mix which only needs.... water to use.

girl decorating treat

Simply visit the Pastries 4 Pets website to choose from various dog treat or dog cake bakery workshops and you will automatically be able sign into the exclusive online course videos which are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

While you wait for the dog bakery ingredients to arrive, you can watch the videos to get a head start on what you will be creating. When your dog treat decorating workshop kit arrives at your door you will be able to easily grab your olive oil, eggs, a mixing bowl, your rolling pin and stand mixer (you can hand mix if needed) and call the kids in for a day of fun for all of you; including your dog! 

For step by step, in-depth, personalized classes on "How to Make Money Baking and Selling Custom, Healthy Dog Treats From your Own Home or Storefront" check out our course offerings here: Online Courses and Workshops

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