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3 Ways to Start an Online Dog Bakery

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Starting an Online Dog Bakery from your own kitchen is easy with our 3 simple steps. After all, DIY Dog Treats have exploded in the past couple of years. 

Being able to make and sell dog treats online is a great opportunity to make extra money while working from home. Whether you are a Stay at Home Mom, a Teenager or an Entrepreneur looking for a work at home business, an online dog bakery could be your solution.

Stop imaging a stay at home career that you love and start building one. It's easier than you think, all you need is a passion for baking and a love for dogs. After you create around 3 dog approved, healthy dog treat recipes you truly can get started on your online dog bakery. You can even decorate your dog treats and doggy birthday cakes, the opportunities to spoil your four legged customers while having fun and making money are endless! 

You can add more dog treat recipes after you get started, we find that it is best to keep your work flow simple and to start small so you can grow in the right direction as you get to know what your customers are looking to purchase for their fur babies. Selling your home baked dog treats on your online dog bakery is fun but you will also need to bake treats that have a long shelf life and are not too fragile so they can ship well.

woman on computer

Start with your Dog Treat Website

1. Sign up for an "Ecommerce" website platform and purchase a domain name for your online dog bakery. Your domain name will be your website name and hopefully the same as your business name. The website needs to be an “Ecommerce” platform so you will be able to add and sell your products directly from it.

If you are just starting a dog treat business from your kitchen, be sure to contact your local Department of Agriculture to be sure you are able to bake dog treats from your home. In most States, it is allowed to bake dog treats in your home but every State has different regulations and guidelines so it is best to check prior to continuing to  contact financial professions to start your legitimate online dog treat business.

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Photograph your Homemade Dog Treats

2. While creating your website you want to be sure to use photos of YOUR actual home baked dog treats. If you "use" other dog treat bakery photos they will most likely NOT look like your final product and you are infringing on the photo owner's copyright policies. I know this sounds harsh but it happens and customers do get upset if you mail them treats that do not look like the photos displayed on your dog treat website. If you do not have a photo available, add “photo coming soon” instead.

Be sure to take a lot of photos of your home baked dog treats adding all different angles and backgrounds that you can use on your website and for social media posts. 

When taking photos, be sure to use a plain background so they stand out on your dog business website page. If it's for social media, you can have more fun and be creative. 

If you decorate your dog treats, bake and decorate them months ahead of each season or holiday so you can give your customers plenty of time to order them for gifts.

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how Register your Dog Treats with the Correct Department of Agriculture Locations before selling your treats on your online dog bakery

3. Once your dog treat website is ready, be sure to only sell to States that your dog treats are registered in. If you have people ordering from different States  you can register their States as you go or politely tell them you cannot sell them treats because you are not approved in their State. 

The best way to grow your online dog treat business is to target the State(s) you are currently registered in and go from there. You can add State specific hashtags on your social media platforms or hang flyers in local businesses to help spread the word. 

While you do need to be registered in each State that you sell treats in, you do not need to be registered to have an online dog treat business. Start small and register in other States as you grow. 

You will most likely have so much business in your own State that you may never need to expand, only time will tell. Just start spreading the word to everyone you know and ask your customers to do the same.


To Make Money Selling Dog Treats on your own dog treat website we have a complete online course that walks you through all the steps and… it teaches you how to market/promote your dog treat business so you can begin your successful online dog treat business on the right path instead of trying to figure it out on your own.

Are you new at selling dog treats? Be sure to start your dog treat business correctly before selling them on your website. Check out our separate complete online course to learn everything you need to get your dog treat business up and running quickly.

There are so many other fun ways you can sell your home baked dog treats along side your dog treat website… After you set up and open your business, check out our other online course to learn where to sell them. You will be able to sell them at Farmers Markets, Church Bizarres, Craft Shows, Holiday Events, your own brick and mortar store and wholesale to other retail stores so they can sell them for you. The opportunity to be successful dog treat bakery is endless!

Pastries 4 Pets offers bakers a “one stop shop” for all natural, healthy Dog Treat Bakery Supplies so you can decorate your delicious dog treat recipes and add seasonal and holiday designs to your dog bakery.


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