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3 Great Tips to Bake the Best Homemade Dog Treats

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The best homemade dog treats recipe

Creating your own homemade dog treats recipe is easier than you think, after all, there are numerous dog loving recipes online. But the true secret lies in how well the actual dog treat dough acts… if you don't have the right consistency you will have a difficult time with rolling it out and from keeping it from becoming too crumbly after you have baked your homemade dog treats. By following the 3 great tips in this article you will be able to turn pretty much any dog treat recipe into one that also creates the perfect dough!

stand mixer

Buy a Good Stand Mixer

When you first start creating homemade dog treats you might shy away from the cost of a good quality table top kitchen style stand mixer. You might be able to borrow one from a family member or friend until you get up and running and make the final decision to start your own dog treat business.

After you decide that you want to move forward with your dog bakery, definitely invest in a good quality stand mixer. Trust us, once you start a pet treat business, be sure to buy one that is built to endure hundreds of pounds of dog treat dough over time. Also be sure that it comes with a “dough hook” this is one of the keys to mixing the perfect dough for your homemade dog treats.

measuring cups for dog treats

Write Down your Measurements

In order to create a “secret” homemade dog treats recipe you will need to add your own ingredients to any dog treat recipe that you begin using. For an entire lesson on how to build your own dog treat recipe from scratch you may want to enroll in the Pastries 4 Pets course on how to start a dog bakery, one of the first lessons explains how to successfully mix flours and ingredients together to legitimately create your own secret recipes that dogs will love and ask for more! 

The reason why I say “write down your measurements” is because you may need to tweak the dog treat ingredients as you construct the perfect dough to work with.

PRO TIP:  While some bakers prefer to start with wet ingredients, I choose to start by mixing my dry ingredients first, then adding my eggs, oil, water, etc… this way you can add more “wet” ingredients if you a trying to create your own secret homemade dog treats recipe. If you start adding more ingredients, you will want to write down all of your measurements for each ingredient so you will know exactly what to add for future treat batches.

dough for cookie cutters

The Perfect Dough for your Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

After you add all the ingredients into your stand mixer, let the dough mixer attachment mix your dog treat ingredients for approximately 5 minutes to see if a ball of dough starts to form. The dough should literally start to pull away from the sides of the mixing bowl, by itself. If it does not, add 1/4 cup more of flour and let it mix again for approximately another 5 minutes. Continue with this step until your dough forms into a ball, just be sure to keep track of any ingredients you add more of and write the additional measurements onto your recipe sheet.

PRO TIP: If your dough stays crumbly and never forms into dough at all, double check that you are using the “dough hook” attachment. I say that because the paddle attachment will not work and… even I forget to switch the attachments out sometimes! 

Once you double check your attachment, try mixing your dough again if you were accidentally using the paddle attachment. If your dog treat dough is still crumbly or not forming a dough ball, you can start adding 1/4 more of water to your treat mix. If you need to add more than a 1/2 cup of water, try adding another large egg into the mix until your dough ball forms. And, yes, I'm going to remind you again to be sure to write down all your new measurements so you know how much to add to your recipe the next time you make the same homemade dog treats.

If you add too much of a wet ingredient or too much flour, simply adjust your recipe by adding more water or flour; don't worry if your recipe is getting larger because your dog won’t mind sampling all of your extra goodies after you are done!

You will know when your dough is ready to roll once your mixer dough hook is holding on to all the dough and the dough is no longer sticking to the sides of the mixing bowl. The best dog treat dough should not be too sticky when you touch it with your hands or gloves. Once you complete these steps you will have the perfect dog treat dough recipe for you to use for years to come.

🎉 🐶 Congratulations!

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