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Dog Friendly Sprinkles

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Dog safe sprinkles are a fun way to decorate your homemade gotcha day or your favorite dog birthday cake recipe. After you frost your cake or dog cupcakes with any of our dog cake frostings, add these all natural dog friendly sprinkles while the frosting is wet and they will stay on after the frosting dries. You can add the sprinkles to your adorable dog treats too.

Simply add them to the icing while it is wet and let them dry with the dog treat icing so they can stay on.

Your dog cake and treat designs will look beautiful and dog owners will be happy that you are using sugar free, all naturally colored dog safe sprinkles!

The 7 different blended colors include: Purple (Amethyst Blend), Pink (Garnet Blend), Pearl (White Blend), Brown (Tiger Eye Blend), Orange (Amber Blend), Yellow (Citrine Blend) and Rainbow Blend

They are all tapioca based and are available in 7 different dog friendly grain free blends. The all natural ingredients range from red cabbage, purple carrot, carob, beta carotene, beets, mica and paprika depending on the color(s) you choose to use to decorate your homemade dog treats and cakes.

Store them in a dry, cool location, no refrigeration is needed.

Please note food product returns are not permitted please order smaller sizes when you are first trying our products. Double check all your orders to ensure you are ordering the correct product, we are not responsible for orders that are not correctly ordered.

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Please note: This product is not available in CT, Italy, and Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Trina Anderson

Love the tapioca sprinkles! Easy and fun to use!!

Wendy Gines

Dog Friendly Sprinkles

Kaly White

Absolutely beautiful, adds class to a decorated dog treat, pupcake, or dog cake. I love them and intend to use them regularly.

Thank you!